Mother's Day is nearly upon us - don't forget those memorable flowers for mum!

Hi everyone, hope this finds you well.

We are entering another important week in the flower calendar. Yes its Mothers day next Sunday 14th March. Yet again we face the challenge of having to provide you with the First Class Flowers experience from behind closed doors. It’s not ideal but your amazing support provides encouragement for us to come up with different ways to show you what we have available.

Something new, for those who don’t have the internet. We are displaying lots of items in our shop window with a lettering system. Outside the shop you’ll find an envelope with order slips in it. Please take one, fill it in with your phone number and we will call you to confirm your order. You can pay on the phone by card or when you collect.

How else can I get to see what’s on offer for Mothers day?

Simply, you could just give us a telephone call on 07960 888031 and have a chat;

Go to our website at and check out all we have to offer on our Mothers Day page

and follow us on Facebook

And don’t forget we can deliver for you locally, same day, next day or whenever it suits.

We also deliver nationally now…. Family and friends can now share the First Class Flowers experience wherever they are on the UK mainland.

Have a good week and order early to avoid disappointment.